Visual Identity

Bled Film Festival

Bled Film Festival is the first international engaged film festival which will take place in Bled, Slovenia, between June 17th and June 21st 2014. The aims of the festival are  drawing public attention to some extraordinary films and raise general awareness about water problems and other environmental issues. 

The image of the festival is closely connected to the location where it will take place - Bled. With its immense natural beauty and tranquil surroundings, Bled ranks among the most attractive alpine resorts in the world. The island with a church on a blue lake served as an inspiration for the corporate image. The main element of the festival image is a golden bell on a blue background. Supportive graphic elements include golden island with a church on a colorful background. 

All the graphic elements are also included on the new web page of the Bled Film Festival. Check the page here.   


AD: Nenad Cizl