Pony is back

Rog Bikes

The original Rog Pony was legendary! Found in literally every household around Yugoslavia, Pony was without a doubt the bike of a whole generation. Today, more than 30 years after its production has stopped, our strategy and creative solutions helped the newly re-established brand Rog and the Pony return to old glory.


We divided the campaign in three main phases: prior-product, pre-order and regular sale.    


The first phase aimed at building Rog’s audience on Facebook. The new communication channel addressed the people with funstalgic (fun+nostalgic) content every Pony fan could identify with. The online game “Nostalgic Quiz” took users back to “their good old times” – checking their memory about the music they listened to, the products they used and the bike they rode.


As we approached the Pony reveal date, the content slowly shifted towards more product-oriented information. Teasers spread the word about the arrival of the new Pony. To build engagement and anticipation, we invited users to announce the correct date of the bike reveal in our “Tony čaka Pony” contest. Users could guess the date and watch Tony the Pony in his room doing, what all of bike lovers were doing, simply waiting for his Pony.


The reveal event gained great media attention and marked the beginning of the pre-order phase. The first limited edition of 500 Ponys was ready to be ordered. Besides the event and pre-order page a series of short pre-roll ads with Tony the Pony completed the promotion tools of the second phase.