Visual Identity

Slovenian Handball Federation

The Slovenian Handball Federation is one of the most successful sports federations in the country. All of their selections are regularly aiming for the highest places at the European Championships, World Championships and the Olympic Games. On home court for the EuroHandball 2004 the men’s team even grabbed the silver medal.

Before the highlight of the 2016 season, the Olympic tournament in Rio, the Slovene Handball Federation decided to modernize their logotype and visual identity.

The new logotype now represents an energetic handball player ready to score a goal. The dynamic composition symbolises the spirit, pace and power of the game, while the individual logo elements reflect Slovenia’s green mountains and blue rivers. The chosen colour pallet emphasizes the new fresh look and follows the Slovene Olympic Committee visual identity guidelines.  

Our job here is done. Now it is up to the national teams to raise the new visual identity to old glory.