Spar Slovenia

For the second year in a row we are building Facebook communication for the retail company Spar. The audience on their Facebook page is directly targeted and therefore very responsive. As such we use the page also for direct sales pushes.

The page is also a very good service tool, meaning that a lot of communication with the customers is done directly through the page. Interaction on the page is stimulated with the idea of “continuity” based on permanent communications directed at users and viral applications in which we are trying to point out a certain subject and use the viral potential. 

Spar To Go

Spar's To Go campaign went online in our Facebook game, where users were given a limited time in which they had to run and grab Spar To Go products on the way to work. 

Easter Egg

Users were invited to design their own Easter egg of which the most creative ones were rewarded. At the end of the campaign Spar donated a special Easter breakfast to Slovenian maternity homes.

Smoothie Bar

Users were given the task to make their favourite smoothie. Among all the smoothies, Spar jury picked a winner that was sold in Spar Smoothie Bars all over the country. The author of the winning smoothie was awarded with a brand new smoothie maker.

Super snail on SEMPL

SEMPL is one the leading seminars on media trends in Slovenia. Super snail and Spars energy drink S-BUDGET took 50 students on weekend gateway to the coast to fulfill them with new ideas and fresh knowledge. 

Spar Lego

We developed an application in which Spar was gathering likes. For every new page like, Spar donated one LEGO brick to Slovenian pediatric hospitals. 


Super Snail

Super snail is a tactical game where users equip their personalized snail with S-Budget drink and compete against each other. After the drink expires the players are supposed to come back and refill the drink, meaning that they are exposed to the brand numerous times in a longer period of time. 



Gather Likes, Take a Toy

It was in the middle of a December shopping spree, when Spar launched a Facebook app in which the users could win toys by gathering likes. 100 toys were given away in just few hours.

Shopping Elf

Every once in a while Shopping Elf decides to visit Spar mesto (Spar mesto). He brings products which users can get for free by gathering likes.