VitHit Sparty Campaign

Spar Slovenia

In 2015 Spar Slovenia launched a big campaign promoting their loyalty program and the consumption of healthy food rich in vitamins. The stars of the whole communication: 7 rapping fruit and vegetable stuffed toys also known as VitHit. 

A year later a new generation of toys sets off to spread the word of a diverse and healthy diet. Partydižnik, Grahek, Primaranča, Gobalinka, Petična Paprična and DJ Jabobolko are celebrating a massive VitHit Sparty – and everyone is invited.          

The integrated campaign featured TV commercials, billboards, print and radio ads. The fun continued on the campaign’s website, where users were invited to play the mobile game, create their unique photo frame and get to know the Sparty hosts. Users were additionally addressed on social media and linked to Spar’s culinary website, with plenty of healthy recipes ready to be prepared. This way the campaign did not only sound great - it tasted good as well.