Milk Design Contest

Spar Slovenia&Hungary


Making the right connection with the customer is crucial for the recognition and positive awareness of the brand. The online platform, in particular the social media, is an undeniable potential for giving the customer the possibility to interact with a brand or a certain part of the brand. Spar Slovenia trusted us with a mission to promote their own brand of milk through an interactive web campaign.


The challenge was to create a fruitful environment for interaction between the user and the product - milk. We took the packaging as the focal point and gave users the opportunity to prepare its design. A step up in user experience was that they could design online on a 3D model giving the process extra value.  


The results were outstanding, more than 12.000 works were submitted and we had around 60.000 unique users visiting the page. Milk was available with the special packaging in limited stores and were subsequently sold out in a matter of days. Due to the success of the campaign it was redesigned and re-launched in the Hungarian market.


Interactive web campaigns are a holistic cost effective marketing activity based on user generated content allowing direct interaction between the brand and the user. The campaign mechanisms are fairly simple and straightforward. The website is a door that we open for the user allowing them to step into an interactive story. The journey from there is one full of individually tailored experiences. Most importantly it’s a self-generated user experience with user generated content.