VitHit Campaign

Spar Slovenia


Spar Slovenia decided to boost their loyalty program (točke zvestobe) and promote the consumption of food rich in vitamins, by awarding their costumers with 7 exclusive fruit and vegetable stuffed toys. All they needed now was a nice story, which would bring the toys to life and be appealing to kids as well as their parents. So the pitch began.  



By mixing a strawberry, a banana, a pear, a broccoli, a carrot, a garlic and an aubergine most people would get a rather unusual salad. In our case the result was a hip rap group, full of fresh rhymes and healthy vitamins called VitHit. Their aim: to spread the word of a diverse and healthy diet throughout Slovenia.  


The VitHit Tour was a 360-degree experience. Launched on TV, where viewers could rap along, while Brocky, Česnuh, Jagodična, Ana Banana, Hruška de Beluška and Jajajčevec were battling it out on the Spar stage. Besides the extensive stop motion TV ads the tour embraced billboards, print and radio ads, but of course the party continued on the web with an integrated online and social media strategy.  


On the website fans could gather backstage information about the band members and their endless positive health effects. The highlight of the website was an online music studio, where people could play along the VitHit chart breaker or mix and share their own hit single on all social media channels. Those were additionally activated to lead users to Spar’s culinary website, where they were served with a collection of specially chosen recipes. Yummy.    


So, will VitHit ever win a Grammy Award? Probably not. But hopefully their outstanding performance in our campaign convinces Slovenia to grab a fresh fruit and vegetable more frequently.       



Still counting.