Car Insurance Campaign

Zavarovalnica Maribor


The insurance market in Slovenia is very competitive. Every year there are more insurance companies trying to sign or renew long term contracts with their customers. Being the second largest insurer in the country, Zavarovalnica Maribor wanted to strengthen its position and stand out of the crowd with a sales oriented 360-degree campaign for their new car insurance packages.



We looked at the life of a usual car and came to a simple conclusion: Cars have very little friends and a lot of enemies! Yes, you read it right, enemies. Like hail, or an evil deer, a concrete pillar we tend to overlook while driving backward, or a very disappointed ex-girlfriend … All of this examples are absolutely not friends of any car, but certainly the right ingredients for our “enemies of the car” idea.

Core part of the integrated campaign were the TV commercials. We promoted full coverage insurance, hail and game insurances by letting car owners know, that cars sometimes “attract more than just looks”, “don’t always see sunny days” and “don’t only have friends”. The unusual ads generated a lot of buzz and really caught viewers by surprise.   

We adopted the idea for billboards and radio, but gave it a different kind of twist online with our in-house developed web/mobile game “Avto na udaru”. The HTML5 game is a revival of the legendary Street Fighter II game from the nineties. Users were prompt to choose between three characters, which all arose from our TV ads. After the selection it is all about causing as much damage to the car as possible and thereby winning great prizes.

Check out the game here.


Cars obviously don’t have a lot of friends, but due to our insurance campaign Zavarovalnica Maribor certainly does.   



Still counting.