Start them young, start them right. Oral health care teaching has been left to be transmited by parents who have themselves never received clear professional instructions. Curaden's goal is to make a change and teach children early on, away from a dental chair or bathroom, how to take care of their own teeth with the right tools and techniques. In this relation they do not want to actively promote a brand or a company, but to pass on their knowledge and experience in order to raise the overall level of oral health in children.

They came to us, to help them create a global program, which supports the schools/ cities or countries existing health trainings system. The program has to accompany the children through all their stages of school education in an interactive and fun way. Based on the insights and all the inputs from the teaching community, we learned, that the best way to present the content to children in a memorable an effective way is to actually MAKE IT A GAME. But in order to keep the kids away from the phones, we took it back to the roots.

We made A BOARD GAME. See the promotional video to learn all about it.