Supporters campaign

EuroBasket 2013

What does a football player Samir Handanović, an actor Boris Cavazza and a rapper Zlatko have to do with basketball? Everything. In the supporters campaign launched a year before the start of EuroBasket 2013 we showed that for the biggest sporting event in Slovenian history people from all aspects of society need to stand together and embrace the event. Before the campaign organizers were faced with a great deal of negative publicity due to host city infrastructural problems and similar projects such as the European Capital of Culture and Universiada being viewed as too expensive. The campaign supporters conveyed their love towards basketball a Slovenian national sport, where every individual is “a basketball player by heart”. Shortly after the campaign containing a viral video, billboards and PR placement the public opinion for the event and perception of why it is a positive opportunity for the country shifted.




- Best holistic marketing activities at Sporto 2013