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Festival Maribor

Festival Maribor 2023

New year, new topic, new identity and fresh rool out of Festival Maribor materials.


The creators insight into the 2023 concept:

Hand in hand. The reason music touches us so deeply is probably because it is able to express that which the consciousness only senses. Artists have been aware of this since the very behinnings of human creativity, which is why music was for a long time inseparaby interwined with verbal art. In the modern era, the two arts gained their indepencence, thanks to which we now have a rich treasury of instrumental concert music. However, the organic connection between music and words – which is still very much alive today, as we can witness in popular music, for instance – has a unique power to build bridges between the intangible messages of music and listeners, even those with less experienced ears.

Festival Maribor 2020

In our long cooperation with Festival Maribor again we have prepared a refreshed identity for the 2020 edition. This is how the festival creators announced the concept: "We are celebrating life, music, the return of listeners to concert halls and musicians to stages. Looking forward to new discoveries and gatherings, it is in this spirit that we offer Festival Maribor 2020. We love music, we miss it and we do not accept a life without it. Patience, hope and the belief that it will sound again without hesitation – these are what keep us going though these difficult months. "

Festival Maribor 2019

In our long cooperation with Festival Maribor we have prepared a refreshed identity for the 2018 and 2019 edition. This is how the festival creators announced the concept: "You’ve probably already noticed the text and symbols accompanying our announcement. And why do they symbolize our festival? It’s simple: in our opinion they have just as much in common with music as they have with everything else which plays an important role in our lives. They describe the musical artists who lure us deep into those dimensions of music we never previously sensed, opening up new vistas and insights, connecting us and showing us that some boundaries are imaginary and porous. Musicians are able to do this thanks to their dedication to their craft, their faith in the message they wish to convey through music and their completely addictive passion for art and its inexhaustible riches, allowing them to connect with other like-minded artists and with audiences. All this requires no small amount of effort – no less, in fact, than the effort top athletes put into their work."

Festival Maribor 2017

Our cooperation with Festival Maribor continued in 2017 as well. This time it was all about romance.

Here is how the Programme Director for Concert Management, Barbara Švrljuga Hergovich, saw the theme: It is hardly possible to better encapsulate the (perfect) richness of romantic love than Wagner did in Tristan und Isolde, his hymn to love. And if we add some of the most intense music that has ever been written—that ecstatic singing and luxurious orchestration — then it is clear why even today we still want to believe that music is simply ideally suited to express the fervour of love – that consequently all good music is… romantic.”

We prepared various promotional materials, starting with key visuals, from which derived the rest of promotional tools. We prepared the posters, event brochure, invitations, tattoos, T- shirt, webpage and banners.


See the Festival 2017 web archive.

Festival Maribor 2016

Every September the city of Maribor hosts acclaimed musicians from Slovenia and abroad to perform carefully selected programmes according to the content cue of the festival in various ensembles – from chamber to orchestral ones. Although the history of the Festival Maribor spans almost half a century, the festival still remains vivid, daring, curios, loud, and somewhat childish. About time the main theme of this festival is dedicated to the CHILD.


For the promotion of the festival we prepared a series of playful key visuals, which were applied to different channels – from posters, billboards, and website to banners. With the unmistakable yellow colour of the festival Maribor, was once again prepared to enjoy music, which not only knows no differences or prejudice among people but also calls on us with pure spirit and utter openness.

Visit the Festival Maribor web page.

Festival Maribor 2014

Our cooperation with Festival Maribor continued also in 2014. The concept was based on the same corporate image as the past ones. The color scheme stayed recognizable with new main topic: STOLEN? This is how the festival creators announced the festival idea:

"Is music property? Under what circumstances can music be stolen? Such questions lie at the heart of the timely look of borrowing, appropriating and outright theft of music from the Baroque till the 21st century, from classical to jazz, rock, pop and electronic dance music. So we are seeking to explore stealing, borrowing and appropriating in music in a sophisticated context.

"Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal" - thus go words that Pablo Picasso may have said, meaning that one must be able to understand the principles why something works and then be able to apply this knowledge in new original ways. And finally, from this prospect - the taking of ideas is essential in order to keep art alive."

Festival Maribor 2012

Festival Maribor is one of the most famous and renowned festivals of classical music in Europe. Classical? Well, not entirely. During the renewal of the corporate identity and communication strategy of the festival, we discovered and portrayed to a wider audience its unique modern character, which includes reinterpretations of classical music with modern musical elements under the guidance of famous controversial Australian violinist Richard Tognetti. We underlined the “true character” of the festival with a one colour graphical structure containing pure and simple graphical speech. The festivals identity is reinforced through the slogan: “Festival of seriously fantastic music”. In 2013 the festival was subject to financial struggles therefore we created a guerrilla project based on a proactive slogan: LESS IS MORE. The main objective was to stress that the festival can survive due to its outstanding quality even under difficult financial circumstances. 



- Outstanding festival 2012 Finalist