EuroBasket 2013 Corporate Identity

FIBA Europe


Slovenia was the first country to win the EuroBasket bid with a unanimous vote from the FIBA Europe board. Slovenia presented the candidacy under the slogan “I feel basketball”, which was also closely connected with the national tourism slogan “I feel Slovenia”. The creation process of the CI of the championship was based on capturing the unique feeling of a small country in the heart of basketball Europe, which really feels basketball.



The official logo for the championship was based on a silhouette of the Slovenian mountain Triglav and the rising basketball sun surrounded by the dynamic lines of passionate cheering. An integral part of the corporate identity were the secondary elements as they represent a strong visual communication element. We wanted to communicate with a stronger tool than just a visual and for this reason our secondary elements were based on the “I feel” message. We designed the “molecular” secondary element with the message “I feel Europe, I feel Experience, I feel Excitement”, which are also the strategic grounds of communication. 



The CI has shown its applicability in more than 1.000 different communication tools and has been an extremely applicable and recognising branding element. During the championship the “molecule” of the basketball feeling was the visual leader of the championship and really helped us to create an environment in which we stressed the attractive destination as well as the organisational experience of the championship.



The CI of the EuroBasket 2013 is the first non modular visual identity, based on a special message and applicable to different communication tools on a personalised level in the modern history of EuroBasket. The big message behind the identity really connected and re-enforced the Slovenian tourism slogan, the experience that Slovenia has to offer and of course the unbelievable passion and excitement towards basketball in Slovenia, emphasised  by Slovenian fans during the championship.



- Best holistic marketing solution at Sporto 2013