Toothbrush Campaign


Brushing the teeth is a daily routine. And that is exactly why it often happens that there are spots where we brush our teeth insufficiently. To solve that problem, CURAPROX developed a special CURAPROX CS single toothbrush which enables a more detailed brushing.

The challenge was to persuade the users to break their rutine and start using a whole new product.

We prepared a wholesome campaign under a slogan 'Nos za detajle« (Nose for details) which points out the detailed brushing of the CURAPROX CS single toothbrush. We prepared various materials for dentists as well as for users, including digital and print ads, leaflets, posters and POS branding.

We also developed an interactive app, where the users could brush the virtual teeth with common toothbrush OR CURAPROX CS single. As a benefit they also got to participate in a giveaway.

The app is also an excellent tool for the dentist to encounter the patients with sufficient oral hygiene.


See the app