Visual Identity


Piranha has more than 29 years of tradition and is located on is the most well-known part of Maribor city - Lent. After almost 3 decades, the Piranha owners decided it was time for a full renovation of their bar. Together with the renovation of the interior also came the refreshment of their visual identity. We renewed the logo, which is now cleaner and modernized, yet still deriving from the bars name, showing a golden piranha. Piranha Cafe Bar transformed into Piranha Cocktail Bureau, communicating that Piranha is the place where you want to sit down and relax after a busy day in the office.

We added a position slogan First professionalism, then hedonism, letting the clients know, that the experienced staff will know how to give prepare the best drink for your maximum bliss.


As additional visual materials, we also designed the opening invitations, posters and a menu, which contains 277 spirits.