Visual Identity

Snaga Maribor

With more than 260 employees, Snaga Maribor is one of the biggest public services company in town that’s been taking care for clean environment for more than hundred years.

They decided to change their visual identity and slogan which would need to follow their mission of creating a clean environment for the entire community.

Our solution is based on a green image of forest, as Maribor is surrounded with wide green forests. Green is also symbolising a clean environment that will be provided to the citizens by Snaga company. The visual identity thus leads us back to the nature, where the health of humanity derives from.  

We came up with a slogan ‘Čisto moje mesto” (My Clean City), with which we are stressing the connection between the city and its citizens. But on the other hand, it also points out the importance of clean surroundings for the residents of Slovenia’s second largest city.