Grocery Bag Design Contest

Spar Slovenia&Croatia&Hungary

The Spar grocery bag design contest was one of the first interactive web campaigns produced in the Slovenian market and our first project with Spar.  From this project to the current day we have established a very constructive and effective client-agency partnership.  This project entailed developing user generated content based on prepared objects allowing each user to enjoy his creative work. The application enabled users to design, colour and graphical position various fruits and vegetables from simple to complex designs. The uniquely designed grocery bags were available in stores for purchase. This concepts was later adapted to the needs and projects of various clients as it has incredible potential for online interaction between products and users by being spread virally with only a basic advertising and promotional push. The grocery bag contest was repeated and redesigned in Croatia and Hungary with similar results. It was especially successful in Croatia where Spar is a market newcomer and the solution enabled them to really generate brand recognition.