Video Tower

Volkswagen Slovenia


Marathons and recreational events are gaining popularity as the awareness and trend to be healthy and active are becoming increasingly widespread and a must. The active community is very well connected allowing brands to connect with users by smart positioning through the events. We were faced with the challenge to activate and leverage Volkswagens sponsorship of the Ljubljana and Maribor marathons. 


We knew that participants are proud of their achievements and like to share their experience and personal triumph with others. Initially participants were able to receive images of them crossing the finish line. We wanted to give them more.  We prepared an application, which created unique 30 second videos of runners approaching and crossing the finish line. The videos could be viewed and shared on the Volkswagen Slovenia Facebook page. The added value and attention trigger was that the icon “check the video” was positioned right next to their results allowing quick easy and logical action. 


The user participation and satisfaction rate was outstanding. From 15.000 participants at both marathons almost 13.000 became fans of the Volkswagen Slovenia official Facebook page which we manage.  All together we generated more then 20.000 unique video views.


Combining “real life” on site interactivity with social media proved to be a good solution for brands that wish to attract users to their online platforms and really get in touch with their product. At the end of the day there is not a big difference between social media and the social life of their users.



- SEMPL 2012 Finalist